You either get a blurry human or a blurry dog! In this case, we choose to get a good picture of Boo, our top-notch quality control expert.

Our Story

Sunshine’s Pet Bakery is a premium pet treat bakery that is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, all-natural, and most affordable treats for your four-legged family members. Our gourmet bakery line includes a selection of soft or crunchy treats. In addition, we carry a carefully curated selection of pet accessories and supplies, focusing on items that stimulate your pets’ brains and enrich their lives.

Sunshine’s Pet Bakery is committed to quality in every bite, and we use only the best ingredients in all of our products. We never use any preservatives, fillers, or artificial colors, and all of our treats use human-grade ingredients. All of our treats are carefully crafted in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and deliciousness. Every batch is quality tested by our human baker and two pets for flavor, texture, and smell. We firmly believe in only feeding our pets something that we would eat ourselves.